BR Hops: Arts Festival (Day Two)

Saturday, the second day of the festival, we lucked up and got a spot indoors. If you've ever visited Louisiana and it's insane humidity, you know how much of a score this was.

Shouts to Amber aka Ambananas aka King of Bananas aka Lil Dime Bag. She was down for the cause and a huge help out there.Bummed I didn't get one of Marc Fresh's final piece. But here's a couple of him working on it. dope. in the fashion show.  Speaking of Marc, Brad stopped by in the Never Rotten collab tee from last year. Didn't I tell you she was dope? Paige from Paige in Full.

Our booth neighbors. Ashley (and sister) from The Phoenix Initiative and Reno from Urban9.

More photos on the Facebook Page.

BR Hops: Arts Festival. (Day One)

A (2)Dope Contest.