BR Hops: Arts Festival (Day Two)

Saturday, the second day of the festival, we lucked up and got a spot indoors. If you've ever visited Louisiana and it's insane humidity, you know how much of a score this was.

Shouts to Amber aka Ambananas aka King of Bananas aka Lil Dime Bag. She was down for the cause and a huge help out there.Bummed I didn't get one of Marc Fresh's final piece. But here's a couple of him working on it. dope. in the fashion show.  Speaking of Marc, Brad stopped by in the Never Rotten collab tee from last year. Didn't I tell you she was dope? Paige from Paige in Full.

Our booth neighbors. Ashley (and sister) from The Phoenix Initiative and Reno from Urban9.

More photos on the Facebook Page.