BR Hops: Arts Festival. (Day One)

The otherwise quiet Shaw Center downtown was buzzin' this weekend. Artists of all kinds, and from all over, were out and displaying their respective talents for Baton Rouge Hops: Arts Festival and Celebration of all Things Hip-Hop. Graffiti artists battled outside, breakdancers broke it down inside where we set up shop and dealt some dope. Glad to see things like this happening in Baton Rouge and even happier being apart of it. Got to meet some great people while at the booth and I'm already already looking forward to next year.

The event was catered by Tsunami. NomfugginNom. DJ Supamike inspired this guy to showcase his cool moves to the event's organizer, Roxie, and her friends. Whaddup Phil. Whaddup Marcus. Man, I loved this performance (Paige In Full). While using dance, spoken word, and video, Paige and her DJ/brother, Nick the 1da, told her humorous tale of adolescence to adulthood backed by a hip-hop beat. dooope. Check it here.

2-Cent Video Shoot.

BR Hops: Arts Festival (Day Two)