Top 5 (dope.) Moments of 2014

 5. Thanks to everyone that purchased a Mystery "Kilo" Box back in May. We moved weight for real!


 4. The launch of the Traphouse Party series happened and its purpose was to connect with local customers and to drop new product. The events will continue in 2015 and will only get better.


3. SxSW 2014 - Second year attending but the best experience so far. Dope. teamed up with Jay Kell and Cloud Vijon for "The Lemonade Stand", a music showcase featuring artists from Texas to Louisiana.


 2. One of the best drops to date, the Wind Pack sold out quickly back in January. It was perfect timing for the windbreaker and matching wind pant joggers, plus the look book photos came out ILL (shoutout to Yoshi).


1. The top moment for the brand in 2014 was its feature in the September issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. This giant assist came via the homie Ingrid Burley, who wore a (dope.) 5-panel in her "United States of Style" feature. "Mama, I made it!"



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