Buy What You Like. (Roshe Edition)

Ok, we get it. The Nike Roshe Run is originally a $70 shoe and being resold on eBay for $150+. This isn't new; resellers did not appear overnight. The Roshe is a simple, COMFORTABLE sneaker. Couple that with a hyped colorway and there you have it. But now that NikeiD has added the Roshe to its lineup, a lot of folks are extra salty. What about the LeBrons, Kobes, or Durants? All popular and all featured on NikeiD. The problem with the Nike Roshe, is that they're affordable (even at hypebeast/reseller prices) which makes them attainable. That's a no-go in Sneakerdom where "you can't get these!" is the mantra. The Roshe isn't a marketing ploy by Nike or the "white people's Jordan", it's a just a DOPE. shoe period.

Here's some iDs cooked up by Courtneyisdope:

"Alien Farms"




"Kiwi Mangos"


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