TDG Black Friday Sale | 11.23.12

"Is The Dope. Game having a Black Friday sale??" Birds up to 40% off depending on how early you wake up and get the crust out of your eyes after Thanksgiving. The sale may be applied to everything in the store, including a new drop, and starts Thursday at midnight.

use code 'EARLYBIRD' – $20 off orders $50 or more – midnight – 12pm use code 'LATEBIRD' – $10 off orders $50 or more – 12pm – 11:59pm

New Drops will also be hitting the webstore on Friday. The "Crewdie" is a hybrid between a hooded sweatshirt and crewneck sweatshirt. Best of both worlds. Pick one up on #dopeBlackFriday

Drop: "Crewdie" Logo'd Sweatshirt | Black Friday

TDG Fall '12: Drop One