Fulla That Earth Day.

Unexpected fun days are the best days. The food was the initial lure to the Earth Day festival, but the weather being perfect and everyone just chilling around made this a pretty amazing day. Seeing events like this makes you proud of your city. Go BR.

Spotted a few dope. tees while out there! This group really made my day. Haha Gave out some of the southbeach colorway stickers. Also saw a tee from like 3 years ago. Had to give Ken props on wearing it too. Haha But it's nice to see the progression. Thought his shorts were pretty cool. Made em himself too. Man, always cool running into Mike from Tall Tale. We were literally "Enjoying the Ray". Tam has dope hair and a dope dog.

More photos on the Facebook Page.

POTUS with the MOSTUS.

Custom dope.Snapback (Leopard)