Dealings: Motel Shoot (Spring/Summer Preview)

Ah the age old question of "what came first? The chicken or the egg?" The line or the shoot? Well, in this case it was the shoot. Sometimes it's easier to make a decision if you can see it on an actual shirt. With that being said, some of the sample designs pictured won't be printed, but the rest will begin to drop in the coming months. Up first  will be the "Wild Classic" tee, dropping for The Benjamin Bear pirate shop on March 2nd and 3rd (check the flyer in the previous post).

@IAmStanleyWhite | @Nouradaexploura | @WesxLee | @Digital_Tyme | @Koryannew | @Camarolife83 Shot by Two Macks, Styled by Adeola

dope.Tunes: Coppertop - House Party (Freestyle)

dope.Tunes: V-Day Mix by DJ Ambananas