Don't Call me a Sneakerhead.

So the H-Town Sneaker Summit will be on the 29th of this month and I chose today to start pulling out stuff. I've never really considered myself a "sneakerhead" just because of the connotation of the word. It tends to remind me of the sad state that the sneaker game is currently in. Not that I'm one to rag on the younger generation and their retros, but it seems sneakers have lost their value (if that makes sense). Most of the kids buying Jordans these days either weren't around or were too young to remember Michael Jordan's hayday; therefore, there's no sentimental bond with the shoe.

The Nike SB line these days has been kind of disappointing these last few years. I got into them starting with the pink boxes which was the best time period for SBs, in my opinion. Unique themes, great materials and awesome collabs; it really was a dope time to collect. Unfortunately,  you don't see nearly as much of that creativity anymore and it sucks because these are some of my favorite kicks. Hopefully, Nike steps it up soon.

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