Dealings: H-Town Sneaker Summit.

Took to the highway and made it to the H-Town Sneaker Summit this past weekend. Doors opened at 3pm and the line was literally wrapped around Reliant Arena by 2:45pm; folks were SERIOUS. Kids were walking around with stacks of 3-4 shoeboxes hoping to sell or trade with booths and even selling the shoes right off their feet. Although it was more LeBrons and Jordans than I cared to see, there was definitely some heat in the place. Special shout to @Ego_Tripping_, @iDuh, @MzBritt_is_it@AdeolaShmola, @Bonton9100, @Akimble5, and @JayCeeBowski for all the dope. slangin'.

Come April, I've got to get my hands on a pair of Hornet Summit Lakes.  Hadn't seen a pair of Grant Hills in awhile. What's up Patrick.

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