Agenda Show Recap.

It was bright and early, Shirley each morning for the show. We set-up the night before and the show started Thursday morning at 9am. As we walked up to the convention center, it felt a little overwhelming seeing like the tour bus for Mighty Healthy parked on the corner. (dope!) But after getting in and settled it was tunnel vision after that. The first day went pretty well; we got to meet and talk with some cool new folks (shouts to Nino from The 5th Element & Mike from Laced) as well as old homies (shouts to Mocha Soul). Thanks for all the support and catch a sneak peek of a few things coming this summer from the show.

Day 2

Our booth neighbors, Proverse. Very cool people, check 'em out!Anthony & Buck, dope.'s MVPs Saints fans are everywhere. We actually ran into a few people from Louisiana. The Boot stand up! Lol

Day 3

After the show, we took to L.A for some sight seeing and shopping. Still jealous that Bucko gets to wake up to this view every morning. Breakfast at The Waffle. One of the most enchanting restaurants ever. Everyone looked like they were stolen from a Disney movie as props. But the food=GREAT. Womp womp. Got to drop in some of my favorite brand's stores, The Hundreds and Johnny Cupcakes. BIG inspiration. 

Photos from Day 1 after the link.

Day 1

These cool kids were in the place. Hey Jon and Angelia! Marc and Ashley too! So jealous of the freebies Marc got.  Tee and Daphne tuckered out.

Hopefully I'll have some video to go along with the photos tomorrow for the 2nd and last day of the show. Until then! -the dealer

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