Welcome to H-Town.

GREAT News: SF2 in Houston will officially become a dope. stockist this Holiday '11. Yepppp, pretty pumped about it too. The co-owner, Teresa, is super cool and offered a few helpful tips that I'll definitely be putting to use. Who wouldn't when they're coming from a 7-year vet? The rest of the weekend consisted of good food, cold drinks and great peeps. It's one of those cities that make you feel like you're still at home...but not. Haha.

Here's Teresa, making things official.

Afterwards, Aida took us over to Woodrow's; apparently where every single LSU fan in the city goes on gamedays. I'm pretty sure it's the closest you'll get to actually being at a game while 300 miles away. Hey, Adeola & Marcus. Twitterless Millie Vanillie. Running into my cousin Brian out there only confirmed my "Everyone has relocated to Houston" theory. Hey Jenny! Brittney brought the life of the party out with us (although she'll deny it). What's up, Ced. Our gracious host that put up with me and Marcus' gross humor and drove 45 minutes to the WRONG SF2 location (my fault); all without ever getting mad. Thanks, iDuhhhh:) Also got a chance to meet Alisha (2nd from left), director of the H-Town Sneaker Summit and affiliate of The Hive Society during their rooftop BBQ. Pretty cool folks. Looking forward to building and bringing out the heat in January...

SF2 South 7204 SW FWY Houston, TX 77074 (713) 995 4458

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