dope. Sightings!

Here's a couple cool shots that were tagged on The 'Book.

Club in the club. The homie Whitney had the opportunity to be one of Deluna Fest's official tweeters for the weekend, and got a moment to hit the beach with her dope. keychain. This one has a pretty awesome story. I got an email from Abigail who has just recently moved from California to go to LSU. She and her friends have been a fans of the brand and she was excited to find out we're based out of Baton Rouge. Maybe we'll meet up at the next tailgate. Nick over at Slikton aptly titled this one "dope. ass Macbook" haha. Yeahhh, I told Sonny that I already know he didn't get his water bottle back.

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Brandon Bass - Billion Dollar Dream (Music Video)