LSU vs. NSU (Tailgate)

Saturday marked the first home game of the season for LSU and being that I'm jumping on this football bandwagon, I moseyed on over to my alma mater for some tailgating. Since flat screens and satellite dishes are the norm out there, nothing is really considered "over-the-top" as far as setup. I gotta say, I had a damn blast and can't wait for homecoming. Kudos to the DJ AND cook, Shagari.

Shouts to Jacqua & Eboni over at iRepTheBoot. PAT! Make sure you've got the comebacks ready when around this guy. Glad to see one of the water bottles from the BBQ this year getting some use.  Seeing old undergrad buddies was one of the best parts of Saturday.  And I don't actually know these two, but hey, now I do.

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Two Macks.