Holy Smokes, Batman.

There's that list of sneakers that you missed out on for whatever reason, sneakers that if you ever got, your heart might stop. Well, that, ladies and gentleman, is called a holy grail and here are (a few) of mine:

1. First thing's first. If you've ever had a kicks conversation with me, I'm sure the royal/black Jordan 1 came up at some point. Everyday=how often I'd wear them if I had em.

2. Yeah, I was one of those that "wasn't paying for a $350 Kanye shoe"....and I'm still pulling my foot out of my mouth.

3. Being that the Penny I has been retroed a couple of times, I really don't know why I don't own a pair yet.

4. One of the cleanest SB's to come out in the black/purple box era.

5. Although these technically can't be a grail, it still doesn't stop me from wanting them. They're Premium Pete's idea of what a Spacejam-inspired Foamposite would look like. Uhhh, great that's what.

**Any one of these would make a great Christmas present. :-D

LG - "Kool & The Gang"

Wes Free Beats: No Help.