Artist Spotlight: A.G. Instrumentals

The musical interests of 21-year old hip-hop producer A.G. date back to his elementary school band days and has continued to be a vital part of his life. A.G. started producing his own music back in 2004 when one of his friends burnt him a copy of FL Studio. After years of working and perfecting his craft behind the scenes, A.G. has developed his own unique style of beats, integrating a variety of influences, ranging from soul and R&B all the way to classical Italian operas. Known as "The Smoothie King," A.G. excels in creating smooth, symphonic type tracks that can be appreciated by all fans of true hip-hop music. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA, A.G.'s music still incorporates aspects of southern rap, which gels nicely with his elegant samples. A.G., one of the most innovative producers in the game, prides himself on making distinguished beats that "ain't that regular...oh noooo!"
Contact for all inquiries: aginstrumentals(at)
Contact for all inquiries: aginstrumentals(at)

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