Hops & Barley.

Whole Foods has the option of creating your own 6-pack so on a cloudless Thursday afternoon, why not? I put together a short review of a few after the jump. Happy Drinking.


The best thing about this beer was the name. It's dark chocolatey and bitter, but may be alright for you hardcore drinkers. It even came with a toy.


This one was pretty tame compared to "CELEBRATOOOOORRRRRRR!" It kind of reminds me of Dos Equis, but a little lighter. (I pray that I'm using correct 'beer connoisseur' terminology. If not, my apologies.)

Death Valley Pale Ale

If "fresh" can be used to describe an ale then that would be perfect for this. It wasn't as light as the 1664, but still had easy drinkability. Almost has a cider-like aftertaste too. Almost.

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

Tree bark, flies without wings, sap and cigarettes are the the first things that come to mind when describing this beer. Opaque and STRONG, you have to be a bare knuckle boxer to like this stuff. Eff you, Rasputin.

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