(dope.) Top 5 Moments in 2010

It's easy to lose sight of things that you've already accomplished when you're diligently working towards a goal. At the beginning of this year, we dubbed it as "20-win", with intentions of building upon successes from last year, as well as achieving new ones. Here's a recap of what we felt were our top five moments of this year.

(In chronological order)

Being featured in one of our city's most popular magazines is an honor alone, but also being among those listed for this year's "People To Watch" was mind boggling. When others take note of what you're doing and SUPPORT it, well, that just makes it all worth it.

Burgers, hotdogs and water gun wars. This was our 2nd annual customer appreciation BBQ and it was hot (literally). But a great time was had by all and we look forward to it becoming bigger and, of course, better as the years pass. Crawfish anyone?

Pusha B had the great idea to have a showcase for all of our Fall/Holiday designs before releasing them, so...that's exactly what we did. Getting feedback from the customer is always a positive thing, good or bad, but luckily we heard nothing but positivity. Thanks to everyone that came out and all I'll say for now is Spring/Summer '11 is something to look forward to..

And then there were four. Allow me to introduce everyone: dope. is comprised of myself  (@Courtneyisdope), Pusha B (@brandonisdope), EighJay (@eighjay) and Tyrus Thomas (the NBA made him delete his Twitter. Lol) Can you tell that we're excited in this picture? No, I can't either.

Last, but not least, the cypher. To be able to bring more local talent to the forefront is one of the reasons we're so passionate about this being  more of a 'movement' than anything else. The video is at 9,000+ views today and was also posted on 2dopeboyz, so I think it'd be safe to say 'mission accomplished'. Thanks to all those that helped out to make this happen and we look forward to the next one.

(Honorable Mentions)

Brandon planned the whole thing, everyone was there and I was floored. Best birthday EVER hands down and I still don't know how he kept this from me.

It's important to dot all of your t's and cross all of your i's. Hang on, that isn't how that phrase goes. Well anyway, we were apart of a business program called Tech Park U, and in the program all participants are required to complete a business plan. At the end, the best plan wins $2000. Can't do anything without a plan first, right? Drinks are on us!

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