A Word From The Dealer.

I was reading the newest issue of Juxtapoz magazine and got inspired. There was a spread about Barbara Kruger, the graphic artist that's the inspiration behind streetwear giant Supreme's iconic logo among others in the industry. Anyway, it really got me thinking. This is so much bigger than just tees. It's a brand, it's a lifestyle. It's an opportunity to bring what I've seen and love in larger, more metropolitan areas, to Louisiana. The market is here. We're here. And everything that we do is an extension of this brand. Because we're here to do a lot more than sell tees.

-The Dealer

N.E.R.D - Victory

[audio:http://thedopegame.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/04-N.E.R.D.-Victory-RGF.mp3|titles=N.E.R.D. - Victory]


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