A Word From The Dealer.

Yo! I haven't (formally) spoken with you guys for a second. My apologies. I hope everyone likes the new blog as well as what we've got coming for the Fall/Holiday '10! Our posting has slowed a bit, but please don't think that it's us slowing in progress. It's actually the opposite. Have you ever felt like you're allllmost at the next plateau; the next goal you've set for yourself? Well, that's where we'd like to think that we are. I'd like to thank everyone again for coming out to BLOW II and helping us with yet another successful event! I think I can speak for both Pusha and Eigh Jay when I say that your support is amazing! Three things that you can look forward to: More product, more retailers, more people, just more...dope. Haha. Life is all about growth, and we're learning to roll with the punches and take each lesson as it comes. So, by all means drop us a line, ask us what's up. We're most definitely working! Also, follow us on Twitter (@thedopegame) and add us on Facebook (dope.) for more frequent updates!

Until next time...

- The Dealer

PS (Whispering) Pusha B has a birthday tomorrow...:)

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