A site solely targeted towards the Southern streetwear enthusiast? Sound too good to be true? Well, I had the pleasure of chatting it up with the self-proclaimed 'seersuckered gentleman', who will also be contributing to our site from time to time. Read on to find out more about him and his plans to educate the masses.

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The Dealer: So introduce yourself.

H1gher: Well, first of all, I'm a southern apologist. That basically is somebody who is a fan of something so much that they find themselves making excuses for it. For example, defending whatever it is even though it's not worthy of defending at times. Being Southern already comes with the connotation that we're slow or ignorant. So, with my site, www.h1gher.com I try to educate other southerners to various trends happening (because we do sometimes get things later than other areas), as well as showcase to the rest of the world that we are not all shucking corn and drinking moonshine. Even though our music suggests otherwise. Hahaha. Do you eat grits, Courtney?

The Dealer: (Laughter) Why yes, I do.

H1gher: Good, because if you didn't, this interview would be over.

The Dealer: Describe your site.

H1gher: www.h1gher.com is the only streetwear blog soley targeted towards the Southern streetwear enthusiast. I sort of work inside out. Meaning from the south, out. I don't like just posting release information. What I do try to find are things that would interest someone from the South, first and foremost, and then try to bring substance to that. No one really "waxes poetic" about the streetwear culture that we claim to love so much. No one's doing that. So that's my niche, I guess. To write from an educated standpoint.

The Dealer: What motivates you?

H1gher: To educate. A lot of people down here really don't realize that a lot of the trends that they are following are outdated. They would like to be fashion forward, but aren't being presented the coverage that would necessarily appeal to them.

The Dealer: What's your favorite color?

H1gher: Black

The Dealer: Favorite food?

H1gher: Do Pop-Tarts count? Well, food-food would be turkey spaghetti, but if snacks count strawberry Pop-Tarts with no frosting.

The Dealer: What's one of the main trends you see happening right now (here in the South)?

H1gher: You know, I like that snapbacks are finally making their way back down South. Mainly, because I wear a size 8 in fitted caps.

The Dealer: Interesting fact?

H1gher: Not that into Jordans. I don't really know why, but I think Jordans are the quintessential item of streetwear hypocrisy. I'll explain. Streetwear is based upon doing your own thing, thinking outside the box, etc. But Jordans? They're so regular. Anyone can get them (give or take). It's not coming from an aesthetic standpoint, they're fly, they're just so saturated. I just don't get it.

The Dealer: Well, some one would argue that they've become a staple to the culture. They were around at the very beginning.

H1gher: Agreed, but there's no evolution. Same shoe, everytime. But doesn't mean I won't take 'em. (Laughter)

The Dealer: Any closing comments

H1gher: I think that Andre 3000 is the greatest thing to ever happen to hip-hop.

The Dealer: Well said.

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